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    • Zomgies 2

      Ultimate Zombie Carnage in this Newgrounds Daily Featured game.

    • Bathyscaphe

      Raise all a sunken ships from the bottom of the sea to the surface, physic-based game! Game features: Easy to learn, fun to play! Real physics; 28 levels. Sponsored by foxi games

    • Hitstick 6

      Be the assassin in Hitstick 6. Use clever disguises, customize your weapons and use stealth modes to identify and eliminate your targets.

    • Flaming Zombooka 2 Level Pack

      40 More gore-encrusted levels for your zombie splatting delight.

    • Impale

      Get fun in killing zombies by sharp spikes, saws and other traps

    • Friggin Bugs

      Bugs are attacking your colony of eggs, you must defend it with your life, kill bugs and eat them to evolve and become and stronger, evolve all the way to become the strongest bug of them all and save your colony from those dastardly evil bugs! and stop the evil plot of the lion!

    • mouth

      Cartoon style shooter. Stand for three days, destroy cigarettes, and mouth stop smoking.

    • Bloons 2 Distribute

      Pop your way through 100 levels of Bloons 2, with all your favorite bloon types from the original and some brand new ones like reverse gravity, monkey ace and camo bloons! Get stuck on a level? You can watch a solution of the level you are stuck on, or if you really just want to pass it, you can use a super monkey to blast through it!

    • SkyFyre II

      Blast your way against a horde of monsters! Move and fire the dragon fighter using your mouse and watch the monster enemies explode. Can you unlock areas to penetrate the monster kingdom and defeat the Monster King? Play and prove it! Rynn is back and ready to take retaliation to the monster kingdom! This is a sequel of SkyFyre, semi danmaku side scroll shooting game, with: more classes, more monsters, more stages, more FUN!

    • BattlePaint

      BattlePaint! Kill the rogue pixels and clean up after yourself. Also have fun!

    • Sniper Hero

      Japanese invasion of China, occupied most of China, a Chinese player to play sniper, alone latent Japanese stronghold, the assassination of the Japanese

    • Get The Treasure - Part I

      Evil pirates have stolen your treasure - shoot your way through 20 levels to get it back in this easy-to-learn physics-based web game. * 20 total levels * Unlockable pirate outfits and pirate ship upgrades * Upgrade your cannon with multiple powers * In-Game level editor included - Build and share your own levels

    • Bloons 2 Christmas Expansion

      Get into the Christmas spirit with this special festive season themed pack of all new Bloons 2 levels! Bloons 2 Christmas Pack contains all new levels and special Christmas themed graphics and music.

    • The Defender

      Physical shooter. Save 5 world capitals (Paris, Washington, London, Moscow, Berlin) and the Earth from 5 types of enemies. In the game: - 26 levels with different difficulty; - large variety of enemies and items (over 50!), having its own unique properties. Defend the Earth!

    • Mass Mayhem 2

      Kill evil clans with your weapons arsenal, create explosive combos and finish them with your kamikaze bomb! Collect points, unlock achievements and create havoc!

    • Gingerbread Circus 2

      The circus is in town again and you're putting on the knife throwing show!

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